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About Us

  Jack and Linda own a B&B, First Fork Lodge in Costello (a small village in Potter County Pa.). They purchased the lodge in 1992 and have completely remodeled the 22 room Victorian.

Linda worked at Gettysburg College for 16 years as the food service catering manager. Jack was a member of the administration of Gettysburg College and is retired from law enforcement with the state of Maryland. Jack and Linda are both great cooks; each has an array of special recipes for the pleasure of their guest. (Linda is also a great baker and always has an assortment of homemade bread, rolls and desserts.

   The Framing on Stone is set up in the lodge's basement making it convenient to work on the stone and still run the Lodge. Linda may show up to greet you in her painting clothes but the regular customers are accustomed to that, and always greeted with a smile. The lodge usually smells like home made bread. Check out the Lodges web site at www.firstforklodge.net

   One day while working in her garden, Linda picked up a large piece of flagstone and imagined how neat would it be to put artwork on this piece of stone. She had tried putting artwork on other mediums, but this was something different. Linda took her idea and went to work. Linda and Jack finally came up with a refined process through many trials and errors sessions; resulting in a truly unique product. She is especially pleased to see and hear the reaction of people when they encounter her work for the first time. Many who purchase a stone return to acquire additional pieces. It was appropriately named "Framing on Stone".

   Both Jack and Linda have found a number of outstanding artists whose work seems to come to life when framed on stone. Some artist have her do their work on stone which they sell at their own art shows. One of Linda's passions is watching every piece become unique because of the surface, dimension and the frame work cut for the individual piece. Each stone requires 5 to 7 days to complete and becomes one of a kind. The flagstone we use is a natural product, Quarried in Potter County, Pennsylvania. Flagstone is commonly used for sidewalks and patios. We special order the 1/2" thick stone by the pallet for it's ease of handling.

     Linda is not in this alone. Jack helps with the art work when possible; but he's the one who travels to most of the shows selling the product. Jack is part of the reason why Linda does framing on stone. Linda had been a crafter for many years with satin roses and arrangements as her product. Jack had been at a show on a very windy day and chased roses and basket everywhere. He suggested, on arriving home from the show, "that she come up with another product that he wouldn't have to chase in the wind,"
ie. a heavier product. Please note while Jack loves the product - the heavy product, he probably won't make any more suggestions to change her craft - who knows what she could come up with next.

  We have won many awards for our art work, with the most recent being first place in the art division at "Art in the Park" in Roanoke, Va.




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